In this article, I will talk on top 4 best keyboards for programming and gaming. I will be sharing its advantages and disadvantages and I will tell you why I choose these 4 keyboards for you and I will also share its original cheapest price in market. You can easily buy them from amazon, I will shares its links with you. This article is best for those who are searching for best gaming or programming keyboards in cheap prices, here are the top 4 best keyboards for you.

best top 4 keyboard for programming and gaming in low budget
best top 4 keyboard for programming and gaming in low budget

1. Mechanical Keyboard Havit:

This Keyboard is from Havit, which is super light in weight and very slim in shape ( made of aluminium board and flexible plastic to make it thin in shape). It contains 87 keys. The keyboard fonts is simple not like super cool gaming font but I like simple one because simple is better. The price of keyboard is 61.99 $ USD. you can buy it from link below.

You can connect keyboard with desktop through portable usb cable and it contain blue led which helps you to type in night or dark room. Now lets talk about pros and cons

Mechanical Keyboard Havit Advantages

1. Keyboard uses advanced technologies which enhances performance and reliability.

2. The build quality of this keyboard is amazing, it is made of flexible plastic or aluminium board which make it so light weighted.

3. Overall programming and gaming experience is very good on this keyboard.

4. Simple or easy design interface which means it is easy to use.

5. It is budget keyboard.

6. This is most thinnest keyboard I have ever seen in mechanical keyboard (slim).

Mechanical Keyboard Havit Disadvantages

1. It support only micro usb to plug in with desktop.

2. It does not have a premium look. 

2. Redragon Kumara K552 RGB:

It is budget mechanical keyboard with beautiful RGB. It is good option for programming and gaming keyboard because it is simple in design with no numpad on left side and you feels good in typing. All mechanical keyboard are good in typing as the produce little sound and good touch experience. The kumara keyboard has 4 different varieties. you can buy it from link below.

Redragon Kumara K552 RGB Advantages

1. The price of this keyboard is insanely cheap in mechanical keyboard list.

2. You can control volume and do other features using following buttons, Fn plus from F1 to F12 buttons and they have added symbols of function like stop and play the video on keyboard button which is really good and helps user to select appropriate key for particular function.

3. Button of keyboard is not slippery because of good texture.

4. Keyboard have professional gaming look.

5. Light animation in keyboard make it premium and enhance good user experience.

6. This keyboard has all features with RGB backlight in low budget price.

Redragon Kumara K552 RGB Disadvantages

1. The led lights illuminate the characters nicely but brightness is not that great. 

2. No software to control the lighting of keyboard, you can control it manually from keyboard.

3. Corsair Keyboard Havit:

Another amazing laptop from Havit, which is extremely professional in style and quality with more button options. The RGB light experience is amazing. On the left hand side, you will found 6 extra macro keys and separate keys for media control on right hand side. It contain 3 different varieties with different prices. you can buy it from link below.

Corsair Keyboard Havit Advantages

1. It is not mechanical keyboard so good thing about this keyboard is that it is noise free ( quiet on typing ).

2. It contain wrist rest which enhance good user experience.

3. It contain extra Marco keys on left hand side which is used for video editing shortcuts and gaming controlling etc. 

4. Very responsive keyboard, up to 8 keys this keyboard can register at a time.

5. Budget keyboard with amazing features

Corsair Keyboard Havit Disadvantages

1. No software to control or customized RGB backlight, you can do it manually on keyboard.

2. It is not mechanical keyboard but it will satisfied you with performance.

4. Corsair CH-9145030-NA K63 :

First  Corsair brand keyboard which comes with wireless and mechanical. The best thing about its battery efficiency as it is wireless and amazing build quality. It contain wrist rest and this keyboard does not have any RGB lighting as back light. It uses blue light for character visibilities in low light area. It contain software will help you to connect with desktop and handle other controls like lighting. you can buy it from link below.

Corsair CH-9145030-NA K63 Advantages

1. Keyboard sounds good on typing, its not noisy sound and give good touch experience.

2. Best Keyboard for gaming

3. Build quality is great.

4. Keyboard is wireless, so no problem of handling wire with keyboard.

5. Super premium gaming keyboard look. 

Corsair CH-9145030-NA K63 Disadvantages

1. The price of keyboard is high, if you don't compromise on quality than its good option for you.

2. No RGB lighting in keyboard

3. It wireless so you need to handle battery work as well for it.


These top 4 keyboards are best keyboard for gaming and programming as it provide amazing typing experience and first top 3 keyboard is budget keyboard for gaming and programming. Every keyboard is different from other keyboard having unique feature ( advantage or disadvantage ) and price. So it your choose to select one of them, according to your need.

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