This is complete course for learning flutter from scratch. The Coder Vlog will teach you through articles and videos about mobile app development in flutter. Flutter is amazing or efficient solution to native mobile app development, lets explain what is flutter and why flutter is best solution for mobile app development. Flutter is not programming language, it is user interface toolkit and purpose of flutter is to provide good or quick design tool that will be supported in mobile, web and desktop. In flutter you will be using dart programming language. If you are java developer and you have worked in java then dart programming language is easier to command.

Learn flutter from scratch with coder vlog
Learn flutter from scratch with coder vlog

Why to use Flutter

  1. Flutter is extremely fast for development
  2. Flutter is platform independent means one codebase is used for both IOS and Android.
  3. Flutter provide beautiful and responsive UI for better user and designer experience.
  4. The best point is that flutter is easy to learn.

Complete Free Flutter Course

I will be trying my best to make this course simple and easy to understand. My aim of this course is to make it easy to understand and cover all possible necessary topics. This free flutter course is divided into 4 parts.

1. Learn Flutter from basics

In this section, you will learn about widgets, different layout and how to custom design your screen, we will also cover how to test your app in flutter and discuss all the basic necessary details about flutter. Dart programming is not included.

2. Learn dart programming from basics

This section is all about dart programming in flutter. If you are beginner then this section will help you a lot to understand or command the basics of dart programming language in flutter.

3. Learn advance dart programming

In this section, we will cover advanced topics like firebase and other database, http request and how to work on advance or custom APIs. 

4. Creating basic app in flutter

In this section, I will be teaching you how to create basic mobile app (IOS and Android) in flutter. It will help a lot in understanding the strategies of creating mobile app development in flutter.

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