Earn Online Money through Affiliate Marketing 2020 with super pro tips

Affiliate marketing is another effective way to earn money online. In this field you can market or promote some one else product or services and get commission if their product or service sold. This is another way simplest way making money online because for this you don't need any inventory or online store. Your work is simple and that is to promote or market product or services for others and get specific percent of commission if it got sold. It is good job for those who loves marketing and sale things.

Best Affiliate Programs

1. Clickbank
2. Amazon affiliate store
3. Ali Express Affiliate store
4. Jvzoo
5. Shareasale

Tips or Techniques

1. Traffic is key to succeed in affiliate marketing, you can easily get organic traffic for your product by promoting it in social media ( youtube, facebook and instagram ). These three social media  contain billions of users and massive different audience that will help you to get a lot of traffic.

2. Use Quora and other top visited website for backlinking of your website to get good traffic.

3. Use paid promotion for your website through advertisement. Facebook ads is the effective way to market your content ( product marketing ) and boost your sale with targeted audience of your wants.

4.  There is no rocket science in affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing, all you need is to do promotion thats it and for promotion you need is good traffic and particular audience for that product.

5. You need to select 4 to 5 star rating product with good reviews because to avoid risk of refund and spam. 


1. Affiliate marketing is most easiest job you can ever do and that is promotion and sell products or services.

2. Best for those who have ability to persuade others.

3. With affiliate marketing, you can earn millions of dollars

4. Affiliate marketing is stressless and tension free job. You don't worry about online store and inventory, only thing you care about is promotion of product or services.


1. It takes time to be successful in affiliate marketing, if you have already highly visited website then you can grow your earning very quickly.

2. Affiliate marketing keep you bounded to commission only. If you are really great seller then start your own ecommerce website, this will give more profit.

3. Affiliate marketing is for beginner to sells product or services

4. Select a wrong product with bad reviews can waste efforts.