Make Online Money on Youtube channel 2020 with pro Tips

Hello guys, In this post, I will be sharing very informative and practical knowledge with you guys. Youtube is the one of best opportunity ( online business ) which requires no investment and youtube channel with good amount of subscriber are earning millions of dollars per month or annually. The best example is PewDiePie channels which had earned 12 million dollars in 2017. Similar you can also earn million of dollar but for that you need good amount of subscribers. My point in simple words is that youtube business is very easy job, all you need to do is to create videos and upload. So it is very great opportunity for us. The important thing, you must know about it is that you have experience and knowledge about youtube fields otherwise it will be very difficult task for you. Most people are ignoring important stuff or knowledge and never achieved any success and wasted their effort and time. So in this article you will know the success principles of youtube business.

Make money online on youtube
Make money online on youtube

I assume you knew all basics things about youtube channel like how to create youtube channel and upload videos and most important thing, you must know about youtube policies, Otherwise you are in red zone. Only one mistake can destroy all of your efforts. You must know youtube policies and follow it. Act smartly in this platform. Below I have given the link that will help you to understand the youtube guidelines and polices. Please take two or three days to understand everything properly.


You get money from advertisement that youtube provide to you. The more views you gets, the more money you earn.

Monetization policy 2020 (march)

You need 1000 subscriber and 4000 watch hour time (your videos must be watched 4000 hours)

Practically Stuff 

I have explained all the fundamental things about youtube channel. Lets talk on practical stuff. First for beginner never do these 4 mistakes.

1. Don't comment (comment section in youtube) or ask for subscribe ( "subscribe my channel" ) from others. By doing this, your channel will be listed as spam and your channel will never be grown.

2. Don't steal or copy content from others (special care in music or drone footage). Use other contents for guidance to improve yourself.

3. Don't try to do any tricks to get views, use recommended way to gain views that is youtube organic way. You can also do marketing for your content by sharing it to other social media platform like facebook and instagram etc. By trick I mean that you can gain views by viewing  your own content again and again or your friends watch your content for you. So avoid this things and put the work of getting views on youtube and promotion. Focus on uploads only.

4. Secure your gmail by adding two way verification method and other security parameter. your gmail is connected with youtube. if your gmail is hacked. It will never recovery again. There are many cases happened before. So add security protection to your gmail  account and be safe.

5. Choose or select proper content that does not conflict any youtube guidelines. Like don't make videos on how to crack software or hack etc. This gives really bad impression. You need to select proper Niche ( subject ) which gives good impression. Youtube see your channel reputation. So select proper subject (topic) which reflect great impression and reputation. This is best way to succeed in this platform.

6. Other big mistakes noob (beginners) makes is that they upload random contents, in simple words if youtube channel is about tech and you are uploading content about filming and comedy etc. This is wrong, this confused your subscribers and it is not good practice. Be in one category and upload content related your channel brand. 


I will give you few tips that will help you to be successfully in youtube career. Following are the tips.

1. Be original, every content creator is unique and has its own taste of content. So never copy others, just watch other for guidance and ideas nothing else. 

2. If your channel is about tech review, so subscribe other big tech channels ( good in subscriber or which work regular on channel). This improve your channel visibility on tech category. Watch other big content related to your niche for taking different ideas and learn from their experience.

3. Keep small diary with you and when you get idea note it at the spot.

4. Honestly there is no magic or no shortcut to grow your channel, there is only one way to grow your channel and that is number of video you uploaded and topic of video has good search count (viral topic).

5. In youtube, quantity matters more than quality, if you talk about growth because youtube rank your channel if you upload videos consistently and your channel will be more visible to viewer. So in term of youtube algorithm, quantity matters and for user experience quality matters. I will recommend focus on both quantity and quality.

6. If your channel is small then collaborate with other small youtube channel to grow your channel faster.

7. Don't fear of experimenting new things ( *content ) and check reaction of viewer, if viewer support and like your content, create more videos on same topic with different knowledge. 

8. Be smart and act smart and don't do hardworking. Make video simple as possible and to the point, so that people can easily understand. 

9. Focus on views not subscriber

10. Upload videos on regular basis

That it,  Best of luck for your online business.