Start Blogging to earn online money 2020 with super pro tips

Blogging is the easiest way to earn money online only if you know how to rank your content in google and your blogging niche (topic) can easily be ranked because of low competition. In this article I am going tell you very every single detail required to earn money online on blogging. As you already knew that today everyone is blogging and competition now a day is so high. In such circumstances I will share some techniques and tips for becoming successful blogger in such hard time.

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Why to choose blogging

You don't need to work 5 to 8 hours like job, its on your mood when you want to write article for blog. It will be best if you love writing and sharing knowledge. Blogging is fun and you paid for your passion. If you utilize your blogging website properly you can earn 10 time more than a good job. Blog writing is simple task, it does not require any qualification and you need to be good in english. It is stressless and tension free work with no technical difficulties like a job.

how to earn from blogging

It is very important question to answer. There are variety of ways to monetize your blog but i will recommend few way for you that will be more secure for you and beneficial.

1. Google Adsense : you will add google ads in your website and through advertisement you will earn money. The more traffic your website gets the more money you will earn.

2. Amazon affiliate program : you will add amazon products in your website and visitor who buy products from amazon through your website will give you fixed percent of commission (money). The more sale came from your website will generate more money for you.

Tips and Techniques

1. Do keyword research , easy or simplest way to do is to use google keyword planner. It will tell you how much competition is on particular keyword with monthly average search count.

2. Select or use keyword of high monthly average search count with low competition because it will help you to rank your blogging website in google search.

3. Select or choose one particular niche (topic or area of interest) in which you are good ( good in knowledge). You must have enough knowledge about your niche to deliver content effectively.

4. Your blogging must be specific to one niche. not multiple niches. The newbies do these mistakes frequently. So doing this mistake can cause difficulties in ranking your blog website.

5. Make your point or article simple and straight forward, so reader easily understand it with good experience.

6. Do backlinking for your every articles in your website to get more traffic.

7. Do SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) for your blog by adding your targeted keywords in title, description, tags and url of article. This will help google to recognize your content and rank it in right domain or niche

Disadvantages of blogging

1. The process of growing business in blogging is slow. You need to be patient to start earning from it.

2. The competition in blogging field is high, you need to be smart to achieve success in blogging.

3.  For beginner, it is very difficult because they don't know the SEO tricks and how to get traffic to their website.